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We are proud to anounce that ShareYourCart and AddShoppers have joined forces to offer even better marketing solutions. Parts of the ShareYourCart technology are being integrated into AddShoppers, so please create an AddShoppers account Learn more

How it works?

  1. The ShareYourCart™ button can be placed anywhere on your product page, but to get the best results, place it next to the price.
  2. By clicking the button, your visitors share with their friends not only the product, but also their personal reason for choosing it.
  3. For encouraging your visitors to share your product, you will choose what discount to offer. At the end of the sharing, they will get the COUPON.

Why use ShareYourCart™?

  1. To make the most out of the best marketing ever: Social Media marketing.
  2. To engage highly targeted public: your buyers' peers.
  3. To convince window shoppers to stop & shop.

How ShareYourCart™ is different?

  1. The ShareYourCart™ sharing process motivates buyers to add personal input, transforming a regular product share into a social conversation.
  2. With ShareYourCart™, you gain exposure in return for your coupons.
  3. You can setup the button and have it online on ANY eCommerce website, in a matter of minutes!.

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